pühapäev, veebruar 14, 2010

Global Container X

Art Container and Polymer Culture Factory present:

Wednesday, February 17 2010
Starting from 6 PM
At Polymer Culture Factory
Ülase 16/Madara 22, Tallinn, Estonia

Global Container is a series of events,
that crosses the borders of good taste.

Performance art+ sound + dance + cinema+ fine arts + meeting place

Participants of the tenth Global Container:

Fred Pinault (France) / 50h sound and air cutting in levitation hollows
Durational performance that starts on Monday, Feb 15 at 6 PM

Erik Alalooga (Estonia) & Hans Günther Lock (Germany)
Kinematic Mystery: Alleged Self -portrait of Leonardo da Vinci

Evangelia Basdeki (Greece) & Tanel Saar (Estonia)
Opening of an exhibition, performance

John Philip Mäkinen & Shotgun Club (Finland)

Paul Cole & The Great Outdoors (Estonia)

Art Container (Estonia) / The Bathers

Justin Tyler Tate (USA/ Canada) / Living Room

Madara Skatepark (Estonia)
Opening of an indoor skatepark

Elijah Värttö (Australia)
Sound Art

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