neljapäev, juuli 14, 2011

Global Container XVII sel pühapäeval Rootsis

Sel pühapäeval, 17. juulil algusega kl 18, sellises kohas nagu Not Quite Ida-Rootsis:

Ultra White Asylians

Global Container is a series of events,

that crosses the borders of good taste.

Performance art+ sound + dance + cinema + fine arts + meeting place.

This show contains absolut amount of nudity, infectious diseases, prostitution, illegal migrant workers and rapists.


Andrus Joonas (also a 45 minutes lecture about performance art)

Janno Bergmann

A Giraffe with a Flaming Neck (circus art theatre)

Erik Alalooga

Andreas W

Mai Sööt


Laineli Parrest

Tanel Saar

Sandra Jõgeva

White Men Group

Schwarze Deutsche Bruder